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Recs from the Vid Recs thread on imeem -- Watch these soon if interested:

[x] Vid Recs Community on IMEEM (Movies, cont): Shut Your Mouth by Ryan. Marie Antionette | Lying from You by Smokey Fizz. Harry Potter | Fight by Castor Gordon. Multi | Winter Sun by Jaime Madeya. Harry Potter | Fahrenheit by meivocis. Star Wars | The Terminator Compilation by AJ. T1 & T2 | The Fountain by obsessive24 | This is Matrix Life by Mister Anderson. Matrix | Come Back Around by Anna. Back to the Future | Wonderwall by Anna. Gone With the Wind | What Controls His Mind? by Castor. The Crow | Descent by AJ. The Crow | Switchback by dragonchic. Animatrix | Relax, Take it Easy by Rae1013. Harry Potter | Requiem For A Dream by Khameleon808. Constantine | Not Enough by Leanna. Harry Potter | Insane! by Pathetic Dreamer. Wanted | Just a Dream by Castor. Matrix | Adrenaline by Pistolpete. Raging Bull | Sweet Talk by Gonevidder. Star Wars | I Walk Alone by Heather. Pan's Labyrinth | Anarchy by BALISTIK. Multi | The Chronicles of Blade by AJ. Blade trilogy. Music: X Gon Give it to Ya by DMX

movie * ryan * smokeyfizz * harrypotter * castor * multi * jaimemadeys * meivocis * starwars * aj2k * obsessive24 * mranderson71 * matrix * anna * rae1013 * khameleon808 * pistolpete * gonevidder * heather * balistik94 * imeem

[x] Video Recommendations: Movies thread in IMEEM Vid Recs Forum forum: Grace by whereistheluv. Harry Potter | Legacy by AJ. Star Wars | My Darkest Side by Castor. Spiderman | Hole in the Earth by Castor. Constantine | Through Glass by dragonchic. Spiderman/Superman | Jet Li's Unleashed by AJ | Ascension by AJ. LOTR | Echoes in Eternity by Mr Anderson. Gladiator | The Struggle by Castor. Equilibrium | Sick by Kitty. Resident Evil | Orchard Of Mines by Dragonchic. Final Fantasy VII | Cells by obsessive24. Fight Club | Song of Birth by Charmax. Memoirs of a Geisha | Fly by Kitty. Chronicles of Narnia | Number One Crush by Cec and Kaycee. Underworld | The Boy Was A Puppet by fabella. Harry Potter | Wings of Steel by Lithium Doll. Constantine | I’m Alive by Elion. The Island | Jet Li “Retrospective” by AJ | Noise by Castor Gordon. Multi | Paradise Lost by Heather. Final Fantasy VII | Destiny Calling by Charmax. Multi (Superheroes) | In Exchange for Your Tomorrows by lim. Harry Potter | Wasteland by dragonchic. Spiderman

movie * harrypotter * whereistheluv * aj2k * starwars * castor * dragonchic * spiderman * superman * finalfantasy * obsessive24 * charmax * mranderson71 * cec_kaycee * fabella * lithiumdoll * multi * lim * imeem

[x] Video Recommendations: Heroes thread in IMEEM Vid Recs Forum forum: Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Cec and Kaycee. Music: Snow Patrol | One of a Kind by obsessive24. Music: Placebo | Jekyll & Hide (Nikki/Jessica) by Kitty / winterevanesce. Music: Comforting Lie by No Doubt | The Noose by Meivocis. Music: Perfect Circle | Goodnight Moon by bradcpu. Music: by Shivaree | What I've Done by Morbid Much? / Ryan. Music: Linkin Park | Escape from Myself by Jaidan Wolf. Music: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park. Note: Jaidain Wolf has several other Heroes vids and trailers, so feel free to check them out! | Dragonfly by Cec and Kaycee | Gimme Gimme Gimme by meivocis. Music: A Perfect Circle | Dreams by Buffyann. Music: Magic Theatre by Kula Shaker

heroes * cec_kaycee * obsessive24 * winterevanesce * meivocis * bradcpu * ryan * jaidan_wolf * buffyann * imeem

[x] Video Recommendations: Miscellaneous: Us by Lim. Multi | Filthy Mind by SE. Multi | Destiny Calling by counteragent. Multi - tribute to vidding | Highlander by Castor Gordon. Anime. Music: "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin | I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 'Filthy Mind' video, Max. Thank you for recommending it. It was a real pleasure watching it. Sail You Home by Castor Gordon. The Place Promised In Our Early Days (anime) Music: 1000 Oceans by Tori Amos | Just a Shot Away by Heather F. Cowboy Bebop (The Movie) Music: Gimme Shelter by Patti Smith | Don't Give Up by Heather F. Final Fantasy VII. Music: 'Don't Give Up' by Peter Gariel & Kate Bush

lim * multi * sol_se * counteragent * anime * castor * heather * cowboybebop * finalfantasy * imeem

[x] Video Recommendations: TV Series : C'mon, C'mon by SE. Alias | New Dawn Fades by Obsessive24. Doctor Who | A Bitter Song by hollywoodgrrl. BSG | The Girl or the Weapon? by kiki_miserychic. Firefly/Serenity. For another haunting look at River, see "forthedamagedcoda" | Winter in my Heart by rasberry_splat, HumansRSuperior, and Leviathan. Doctor Who | Running Up That Hill by Melissa Lynn. Supernatural | Push by whereistheluv. Supernatural | Crazy by klia. Life on Mars | A Bitter Song by Rae1013. CSI | Tragic Heroes by Jaidan Wolf. Multi (Angel, Carnivale, Supernatural, Doctor Who) | Human Behaviour by Lithium Doll. Sarah Connor Chronicles Le Manage by buffyann. Pushing Daisies | Does Cameron Dream of Electric Sheep? by kiki_miserychic. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Until You're Reformed by Ryan Tighe. Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Californication by Sweetie. Lost | Memories of Firefly by Jaidan Wolf. Firefly | Recs primarily by Maximus the Confessor. Also Castor, Balistik, Dragonchic

sol_se * alias * drwho * obsessive24 * hollywoodgrrl * bsg * kiki_miserychic * firefly * raspberry_splat * humansrsuperior * leviathan101 * spn * melissa * whereistheluv * klia * lifeonmars * csi * rae1013 * multi * jaidan_wolf * lithiumdoll * sarahconnorchronicles * buffyann * pushingdaisies * lost * sweetie * ryan * btvs * imeem

Current imeem / / BAM video vault Discussion:

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