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Meta Vidding Newsletter: Issue 11 (Week April 5 to April 11, 2007)

Awards: Round 23 is now open at Sunnydale Stories Video Awards  vidding
Contests: Reverie vidding style contest  
Contests: Vidding & Sweet Charity stuff  

Convention News
Cons: Kazcon Supernatural Convention: Vids for Auction
Cons: Vividcon CafePress store returns! Fan designs welcomed  

Copyright (and other IP News)

Copyright: A Blogger Infiltrates Academe  morgandawn

Copyright: Blu-ray, HD DVD crack becomes a crevice

Copyright: Cablevision to continue fighting the good fight over networked DVRs  arstechnickip

Copyright: Check copyright easily! Stanford Launches New Copyright Database  shetterly

Copyright: Corel updates WinDVD to stop decryption efforts

Copyright: DVDs w/ Built in USB Ports for Copy Protection

Copyright: High schoolers turn in plagiarism screeners for copyright infringement

Copyright: How I Became A Music Pirate - Consumerist

Copyright: Large-scale movie and music piracy operation busted  arstechnicaip

Copyright: Legal Guitar Tabs return to the web under a new deal that will see music publishers making a pile of cash from user-contributed arrangements of popular songs.

Copyright: Make Way for Copyright Chaos - New York Times Op Ed by Lawrence Lessig

Copyright: MIT Libraries Refuse DRM; SAE Digital Library Canceled

Copyright: NFL fumbles DMCA takedown battle, could face sanctions

Copyright: Peer-to-peer poisoners: A tour of MediaDefender

Copyright: Privately, Hollywood admits DRM isn't about piracy

Copyright: RIAA asks for IP address records (University of Penn)

Copyright: RIAA goes after Nine Inch Nails fans for songs deliberately leaked by studio as part of ad campaign

Copyright: RIAA lawsuits encountering complications, and other download links elynross

Copyright: RIAA, MPAA Welcome US WTO Complaint against China  slyck_news

Copyright: Taking Away Your Personal Use Rights, One Anti-Innovation Lawsuit at a Time

Copyright: The Googlization of Everything and the Future of Copyright (Law Review Article)

Copyright: The ReRise of the RIAA Nazis (forcing your ISP to block your bandwidth)

Copyright: Victims fight back against DMCA abuse

Copyright: Wall Street Journal Video: "I Am Not A Pirate. Are You?"

Meta: A response to synecdochic Humble Opinions on Vidding  vidding
Meta: Representing Vidding to the Wider World: Suggestions Needed  vidding
Meta: Streaming vs Downloads: Costs and Benefits  vidding
Meta: Vidding Rules? There Is Only One  sockkpuppett

Rec - Farscape - El Tango de Roxanne  the_reel
Rec - Farscape - Farscape vs Firestarter  the_reel
Rec - Farscape - Goodbye, Blue Sky  the_reel
Rec - Farscape - Serenity  the_reel
Rec: Heroes - Don't Panic  laurashapiro
Rec: Heroes & Due South Vid Recs  obsessive24
Rec: Heroes ...the nth eddition  sol_se
Rec: Supernatural Vid Rec Community Annnounced

Tech: Apple denies meddling with Apple TV hacks
Tech: HD DVD takes early lead in European market
Tech: How to download from YouTube since they changed their code,  tzikeh
Tech: Elgato announces H.264 encoder for your IPOD
Tech: LJ Tool That Lets Your Search For A Post: LJ Archive  vidding
Tech: iMeem - Playing Videos Full Screen  morgandawn
Tech: Free Web Design Templates - For Your Personalized Vid Website Needs

(apologies for the funky formatting. The copyright section is larger than usual as we catch up on a backlog of postings)

Although we aim to be as comprehensive as possible, with categories as broad as these it is inevitable that some vids will be overlooked. If you have something you would like included, please don't hesistate to comment.

Tags: meta, recs
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