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Veni, Vidi, Vids!

The Vidding Fandom Newsletter

Vidding Fandom Newsletter
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Vid Recs, Vidding Meta and Tech, IP News
Welcome to veni_vidi_vids: The Vidding Fandom Newsletter! You may freely join or just watch the community, but posting access is limited to people working on the periodic newsletters.

venivicivid is a watcher LJ for the Newsletter. There is no need to friend the watcher LJ, because no content is posted there, and because we only link to public posts. But all of the reading filters are publicly viewable for your perusal. We don't use or update the reading filters anymore, but Diigo automatically dumps vidrec bookmarks there. There may be recs over there that haven't appeared here yet, but watching both will be duplicative.

Current schedule:

* Meta, IP & Tech newsletter posted weekly or biweekly by morgandawn
* Meta, IP & Tech back-up by jagwriter78 and deathisyourart
* Vid Recs/reviews posted approx. twice a week by par_avion

We are always looking for help, so if you are interested in trying your hand at a particular fandom or group of fandoms, drop us a comment or email us at vidding@gmail.com.

Community icon created by charmax. Layout created by lim. Thanks!

spnvidrecs - Vid recs for Supernatural and J-Squared
spn_sceneit - Resource community for all Supernatural vidders (and fanartists).
vid_the_grid - A prompt table community for vidders
approx. twice a week.
NEW Affiliate: twilight_vids - Resource for vidders and fans of The Twilight Saga.

Email vidding@gmail.com if you would like to become an affiliate or have any questions!

There is an infrequently updated back-up to the community at insane journal. The content is now mirrored at Dreamwidth, which is being kept up-to-date: [info - community] veni_vidi_vids

The vid recs are now tracked via a Diigo account that pushes content to the original delicious account. The recs for the current month periodically get formatted and posted to the LJ/DW communities.

You can navigate the Diigo and Delicious accounts by tag or combination of tags: find recs by fandom, month, vidder, and who made the rec. As of April 8, 2009, we have 3,675 vidrec entries, covering 250 fandoms and 1,375 vidders.

If you have a delicious account, you can send us links to add to the newsletters. If you add veni_vidi_vids to your network, then you will see the option to use the tag for:veni_vidi_vids: use this for vid recs. For Meta, Tech, and IP, add morgandawn to your network or use for:morgandawn.

To find even more vidrecs and vid discussion, you can look at our delicious subscriptions, where we subscribe to every vidding-related tag we find on delicious. Currently 90+ -- let us know if you have suggestions for more. (Warning: because of usage overlap, some of the tags lead to to non-fandom links such as general-interest youtube content and porn.)